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22 April 2014

Marketing Magazine Indonesia

With intensifying levels of competition, there is a need for brands to have a strong recall factor, using effective messages that resonate with customers. Inspired by Spire Research and Consulting’s in-house publication, SpirE-Journal, Marketing Magazine Indonesia invited Spire to comment on the factors that are crucial in establishing as well as maintaining brand recall.  

No doubt, consumers are spoilt for choice in today’s markets. As brands vie for customers’ attention, it is vital to have strong recall so that your brand gets to the consideration stage – especially since consumers may be influenced to visit websites or social media pages of brands at the point of consideration. And the key to strong recall is a message and positioning that resonates with the consumer. As long as customers are able to connect with the brand, there is a high possibility of an effective brand recall amongst competitors in the same product category. 

There are various methods that help marketers measure brand recall: 

  • Spontaneous brand recall: The customer’s ability to recall the brand spontaneously without being prompted, due to high awareness in a specific product category.  
  • Top-of-mind brand recall: The customer’s ability to recall the brand without any assistance. There is a strong emotional connection which signifies loyalty. 
  • Aided brand recall: The customer needs to be prompted before being able to recall the brand; indicating that there is low awareness. 

It is crucial for marketers to consider the emotional connection between a brand’s promise and its target consumers, before working on the brand recall factor.  

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