Generation Z Wants it All

By 2025, Generation Zs (born 1996-2012) will make up a quarter of the  population in the Asia Pacific region. Globally, this generation’s income is expected to increase fivefold by 2030 to US$33 trillion as they enter the workforce, accounting for over a quarter of global income. 

Gen Zs are twice more often than Gen Xs (born 1965-1979) and 1.3 to 1.5 times more than Millennials (born 1980-1995) to want brands that set them apart. Yet, Gen Zs, more than the generations before them, also prefer brands that are popular with others. This poses a challenge for brands, needing to achieve popularity to be widely recognised while maintaining a distinctness that connects with younger consumers. 

How can businesses satisfy Gen Z’s demands and capture the market?

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