Impact of China’s regulatory crackdown

Impact of China’s regulatory crackdown

13 September 2021
The Business Times- Singapore

How would China’s recent regulatory blitz affect Singapore’s businesses? Leon Perera, Chief Executive Officer of Spire Research and Consulting shared his thoughts with The Business Times, Singapore.

China has expanded its recent regulatory restrictions on entertainment, education and healthcare to more sectors and industries. The list includes private equity funds and land and home prices, as well as national campaigns aimed at reducing income inequality. This has created much uncertainty in the business environment in China.

Leon explains that not only would such sudden policy changes greatly affect business confidence, the perception that the Chinese government may be entering a new phase of social engineering-oriented policy-making is very damaging. He cautioned that affected Singapore companies would face a subdued future outlook and advised that they should re-evaluate their business partnership viability. On a positive note, the outflow of investment from affected Chinese companies may benefit some Singapore firms.

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